Screw Your Passion

Hi, I’m Patrick, and I suck at finding my passion. Do you, too? I’m sure you also always hear and read about finding your passion and how doing the stuff you love is so important. But what if you just cannot or just don’t want to stick to one single thing? Let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m a software developer, former game developer, built my own indie game, I like to go on hikes and take photographs of beautiful landscapes and once or twice a week (or month) I manage to go to the gym... Read more

How to Find Your Mentor

Having a mentor can benefit your career and your life in general as a developer dramatically. Bernd Verst, Cloud Developer Advocate from Microsoft, explains that mentorships helped him tremendously in developing his technical and soft skills, and with achieving his career goals in the long run. But what can you do if you’re on your own and you just don’t seem to be able to find a classical mentor? There are a ton of ways to fix this... Read more

In 2005 I went to the Games Convention in Leipzig for the very first time. Ten years later I’m at Gamescom in Cologne. But this time I’m on the other side. I’m presenting my own game – Super Snow Fight. This is pretty crazy and a long-held dream coming true. The development of Super Snow Fight started around Christmas 2014. I had this idea of spicing up a snowball fight with some serious action like grenades, missiles, magic and stuff... Read more

It’s the eternal debate. Is a degree really necessary nowadays? The short answer: No. The long one: It depends… But let me explain. First, what kind of developer do you want to be? A software developer, game developer, web, app, anything else? There are many possibilities, but your journey can be quite similar either way. I did actually study computer science. I got my bachelor’s and master’s degree and always wanted to become a game developer, for instance... Read more

Most developers have certain goals for their career and also their life. For me, for a very long time, it was to publish my own indie game. And I reached that goal. But I figured, to achieve any goal, it’s not only about the technical skills. Communicating, personal growth, getting out of your comfort zone and building these soft skills are also immensely important. At the Microsoft Tech Summit in Frankfurt, I met the following Microsoft CDAs (Cloud Developer Advocates) who certainly have a position many developers desire, and I asked (and recorded), what they think about the importance of soft skills for every developer... Read more

Imagine you are a student of computer science. And now imagine you are so lucky, that you get a job as a working student where you are able to improve your coding skills and the code you write is even used in production. Actual customers, real users, might use features you have implemented. I will never forget the moment I realized that for the very first time. Sitting there in the office, with no professional experience, and suddenly it struck me: “Oh my gosh, in the past every line of code I have written was either for exercises or any learning purposes... Read more

As a one-man-army indie game developer, it can be quite intimidating to make a story-driven game. Building cutscenes, recording voice or just adding text and telling the story of your game that way is difficult if you’re on your own or you have a small team of developers. Luckily, there are lots of games out there that have already demonstrated ways to tell a story with gameplay elements, the environment, and scripted events only... Read more

How to Stay Motivated

Wherever you currently are in your life, sometimes it’s just hard to stay motivated. No matter if you’re studying, joining a boot camp, doing tasks as an employee, working on a side project or even on your own business, there are times where everyone is struggling to keep going. Fortunately, we are not the only ones. Lots of people find themselves in such situations and everyone has his on ways to fix this issue... Read more

I’d say most development teams nowadays at least call themselves agile. But often the question arises, are they really agile? It’s not enough to have the daily stand-up and a sprint planning meeting every fortnight. Working as an agile team also means that every member of this team has the right mindset. Additionally to that, you may experience that an agile development team in a bigger company depends on the mindset of every other department, too... Read more

You are a programmer or you want to become a programmer, but when you are at this stage in your life, it doesn’t stop there all of a sudden. You have to – and hopefully, want to – improve your skills all the time. Yes, this life-long-learning thing is real. You don’t get your degree, finish a boot camp, online course or tutorial and just say: “That’s it, I’m a programmer now... Read more