From Cubicle to Home Office

Every now and then the noisy office is getting on my nerves. Headphones or even closed doors are not helping. Co-workers from other departments will enter the room, stand in front of your desk and just start talking. They don’t understand the meaning of headphones. Even when you’re in a Skype call, they just don’t seem to care. It’s kind of flattering that they need your help (if they really do – sometimes they just want to do small talk or tell you, that they’ve sent you an email, but that’s another topic), but nonetheless it’s really hard to get into the zone when you’re interrupted almost all the time, even from fellow developers who should know it better... Read more

Let’s be honest. You’re sick of your current job. You’re telling yourself everything will be fine, it’s just a little chaotic for only a few weeks, I am a loyal and patient employee and yeah, everything will be fine again. The only thing you wanted to do was writing cool software in a calm environment, and now you have to answer the phone, deal with customers and explain to your boss that you can’t fix five bugs and show him two new features at once... Read more

Stop Asking Start Doing

You have lots and lots of ideas and wonder what would happen if you would start implementing them into your life? It’s not only about software development, but also about ideas for your life, such as meditating, a morning routine, working out or starting a new side project (okay, you got me, this would be something development related). I have noticed that when I have such ideas, I almost always ask other people what they think about it... Read more

C’mon, it’s not that hard. When you start a new job or project, when you enter a new team, it is really helpful to agree on some coding guidelines. You don’t need a whole book. One page is actually enough. But there are things, that you definitely should mention on this single page. Let me give you just a few of them. Actually, there are only three which I think are must-haves... Read more