The Magic Formula to Improve Your Programming Skills

You are a programmer, but when you are at this stage in your life, it doesn’t stop there all of a sudden. You have to improve your skills all the time.

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How to Flow Into the Zone

The most beautiful moment when writing code is when you are totally focused, flow in the zone and forget everything else in the world. Here's how you do it.

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3 Healthy Habits for Programmers

Here are some habits that are more or less easy to build and that will definitely benefit your life – and this not only works for programmers.

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How to Dress for Work

I know this is a very sensitive subject. And I did not want to hear anything related until I got 30. But how you dress in the office does make a difference.

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The Miracle of a Morning Routine

A habit I always wanted to start in my life was getting up early or earlier and creating a morning routine. And it really did improve my life. Here’s why.

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