Fetching Millions of Rows with Streams in Node.js

Have you ever had to face the challenge of fetching several million rows of data with lots of columns from a database and display them on the web?

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How To Find The Right People To Boost Your Software Career

Lately, a student asked me how you find the right people in your career as a software developer. This got me thinking. I wasn't really looking for the right people. But let me start from the beginning.

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7 JavaScript Hacks for 2020

JavaScript has evolved tremendously and there's almost no way around it. It's good to know one or two hacks that make your developer's life a bit easier.

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8 Takeaways From 8 Years in the Software Industry

Recently I gave a talk at the same university where I graduated eight years ago. It got me thinking what I learned since then working full time as a software developer.

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DevOps - Saving Your Code From The Apocalypse

What does DevOps actually mean? How does it benefit you? And what are the steps and tools for a perfect Software Development Lifecyle?

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