Screw Your Passion

I'm sure you always hear how finding your passion and how doing the stuff you love is so important. But what if you don't want to stick to one single thing?

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How to Find Your Mentor

Having a mentor can benefit your career and your life in general as a developer dramatically.

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11 Tips on How to Survive at Gamescom as an Indie Game Developer

In 2005 I went to the Games Convention in Leipzig for the very first time. Ten years later I’m at Gamescom in Cologne. But this time I’m presenting my own game.

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Do You Need a Computer Science Degree to Be a Developer?

It’s the eternal debate. Is a degree really necessary nowadays?

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Microsoft CDAs on the Importance of Soft Skills for Software Developers

To achieve any goal as a developer, it’s not only about the technical skills. Building soft skills like communication are also immensely important.

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